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Telehealth Therapy

I have been providing telehealth services for over 4 years and am providing telehealth services for anyone in need during the COVID-19 crisis.

I work from an insight oriented and relational perspective. Together we examine generational patterns, as well as family and friendship narratives as the context for growth.  We explore and map the places where emotions, thoughts and physical responses and have become tangled. In a warm, supportive environment we traverse the difficult places to help you move toward clarity, connection and authenticity in your life.   

Family Therapy

In family therapy we enhance communication, examine patterns of interaction, and work to find new solutions when the family feels stuck. In addition, psychoeducation and parenting skills are an integral part of the practice

Play Therapy

Play therapy is the medium through which children explore. communicate, and learn to manage challenging behavior in a safe, contained space. I use play and expressive arts therapy to help children develop age appropriate expression of thoughts and feelings, perspective taking, flexibility and problem solving and coping skills.

School Consultations

I have facilitated communication between parents, teachers, and school administrators. Whether you are dealing with behavioral issues, or learning differences, I can help you bridge the gap between home and school, to help your child grow and flourish. In addition, I have experience advocating for students undergoing the IEP process.

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